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Phrozen Software™ is an innovativel IT , company based in France, which develops primarily software solutions focusing on security and surveillance. We have been involved in the IT industry for a number of years and have taken the time to explore the needs of our clients,essentially corporations of all sizes.

It is vital for all businesses to monitor their employees to maintain the highest possible ethics at all times and protect companies most valuable assets : client lists, confidential databases , know how and practices.

Our experience in designing advanced surveillance tools allows us to provide a unique solution adapted to every possible problem. Customisation is critical in this field as we have learned that no businesses are alike. Yet, we are convinced all companies are vulnerable, and that negligence in this field put their long term viability seriously at risk.

We intend to remain at the forefront of technology AND practices . We are constantly researching emerging trends and looking for innovative answers. We make all these available to all our clients

Phrozen Software also designs and creates websites and web services. We focus on the web programming trends of today including responsive designs. We have seen how rapidly individuals are using all sorts of devices and it is our desire to provide websites that are responsive to whatever device a person is using, whether it is a tablet, smartphone, laptop or desktop.

Within our Phrozen Software™ website development services, we feature freeware that can be accessed by anyone. This includes free web services as well as a free Microsoft Windows application.


Website and Web Service Development

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Our professional team of website coders and design experts will custom tailor websites for any size business or individual. Starting from scratch, or working from an established design we can help you get your message across in exactly the way that you want. If you don't need coding, we can install/manage/customize and secure an easy to use content management system (CMS) such as WordPress, Drupal, and more. Read more...

Microsoft Windows Application Development

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